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The artist

The artist behind the jewelries is Ekaterina Savova.

Ekaterina Savova is a member of the Copenhagen Goldsmiths' Guild and is an official goldsmith, has her own shop and atelier in Copenhagen at Frederiksborggade 29.

Ekaterina creates untraditional, timeless and unique handmade jewelry.

“As I often say, I have no idea what is currently fashionable out in the world. I make my jewelry out of my own inspiration and nothing is impossible. One of the biggest wells of inspiration for me is i.a. stones and their colors. When I touch stones, they whisper to me what they want to turn into. They tell me...

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Our highlights

Gold and Malaya Garnets Gold and Malaya Garnets

Gold and Malaya Garnets
Juicy Plums Juicy Plums

Juicy Plums
Golden waves Golden waves

Golden waves
Kitten Love 🐈 Kitten Love 🐈

Kitten Love 🐈