The artist

The artist behind the jewelries is Ekaterina Savova.

Ekaterina Savova is a member of the Copenhagen Goldsmiths' Guild and is an official goldsmith, has her own shop and atelier in Copenhagen at Frederiksborggade 29.

Ekaterina creates untraditional, timeless and unique handmade jewelry.

“As I often say, I have no idea what is currently fashionable out in the world. I make my jewelry out of my own inspiration and nothing is impossible. One of the biggest wells of inspiration for me is i.a. stones and their colors. When I touch stones, they whisper to me what they want to turn into. They tell me exciting stories from distant countries and from the depths of the past. It often feels that I am just a humble helper, who helps a piece of jewelry to be made and that I am just a witness of something beautiful that wants to be born and come to life.

Women are also a source of inspiration for me. Women's beauty, the colors they show, the way they move, their hair and their magic. Last but not least, nature is a great source of inspiration for me. Nature - the greatest artist of all. All the shapes and surfaces found in nature remind me of my childhood at the coast in Bulgaria or the majestic Bulgarian mountains. They speak strongly to me and I recall all the waves in the sea and all the narrow paths where I walked and merged with nature.

One aspect that is important to me in my art is that in the same piece of jewelry there is a possibility for variety. I like diversity and that there is opportunity for change. It applies especially for earrings. They should be exciting and should preferably have more options for wearing, to replace stones and change different pendants. They must be able to be combined differently and are often asymmetrical and playful.”

For the past 6 years, Ekaterina, together with her former partner, has had a two-week open workshop in the summer at the Rudolph Tegner Museum in Dronningmølle.

And was chosen to be one of those who was to present the Goldsmiths' Guild at the Guilds Show in Moltke's Palace in 2021. The purpose of the Show, where H.K.H. Princess Benedict attended the event, was showcasing high-end crafts from the goldsmiths, tailors, bundlers and fashionista.

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0045 42476757


Video © Morgan Grage Rasmussen