You may not believe in gemstones, but WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO SCARE VAMPIRES AWAY?


The Dutch scholar, Erasmus, claims Nature delights in representing all things by color, most especially in gems. Hi describes Pyrope Garnet as “living fire”. (Kunz, 34) From a bright flash of red, to orange indigo flames, to simmering deep red-violet coals, Pyrope Garnet is a mesmerizing stone, stirring and passionate.

Pyrope garnet owes its color to its strong concentration of magnesium and aluminum (Megemont, 87) Its crystals range from pale rose red, to shades of scarlet, violet and even deep indigo.

Garnet was much used as a jewel in ancient times. (Fernie,157) Anglo-saxons made adornments of Garnet was considered effective against legendary vampires, and Pyrope bullets were once used in slings in parts of Asia. Bohemia is famous for its Pyrope Garnets, which can be as big as hens’ eggs and were made into lavish jewelry in the 18th and 19th centuries (Eason, 74).

A gem of Mars, Pyrope Garnet is used for power and courage.